Live life to the fullest, but always be able to adapt to change.

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About Richard and Deanie

Being raised in West Texas at a time when almost everyone was broke people worked together in order to survive.

Most everyone around us had gardens, fruit trees and different breeds of fowl.

Before my grandparents got an electric fridge, I remember the ice man delivering blocks of ice to the door for their ice box.

Root cellars were common. When the gardens came in there were many days spent on the porch with friends shucking corn and preparing vegetables for canning.

The women would be inside canning and making jellies for the winter.

After the hog was butchered the process of making lye soap started.

Sunday dinner was my favorite meal. Two chickens were killed, so that became the one day of the week I could eat all the meat I wanted

Kids today tell me what a bad childhood I must have had. I have to laugh. To me that was the way life was so you accepted it. They can't see all the good times we had. A time when you appreciated what you had and what you got. A time when neighbors stuck together. It didn't matter if you were a Democrat or Republican you enjoyed each others company and friendship.

As I grew older through the Boy Scouts and military I learned my survival skills.

When Deanie and I met in later years we had both been through a first wife and husband. She had been left in a cabin in the woods for 6 months in the winter without transportation. She had a gun so was able to kill a deer in order to survive. She had picked fruit, worked on a chicken farm and at the time I met her was a waitress. She was very knowledgeable about gardening and the outdoors.

I had been a subcontractor most of my adult life. When it came time for me to move on Deanie told me she was tired of being a waitress and wanted to work with me in construction. I told her she was nuts, what could a 115 pound woman do?
 Saying that was one of the worst mistakes I could have made. I thought I had turned a Tasmanian Devil loose.

We went on to own a weekly newspaper, an embroidery business in Key Largo, an earth wood burl shop in California and our own construction company.
We finally settled on a mobile home park.

Out of everything we did we still can, dehydrate and prepare for change.
We buy our beef and sheep for butchering.
We grow a large garden, and can, dehydrate or occasionally freeze the produce.
By fishing and hunting we eat good, while spending little on food.

I've had the privilege of eating monkey, pigeon, seagull, raccoon, turtle, alligator, rattlesnake, python, squirrel, antelope, deer, elk, sandhill crane, goat, rabbit, camel, kangaroo, llama, fried worms dandelion greens plus much more.

We have always believed in living life to the fullest but also being prepared for change. We hope we can give back some of this knowledge to younger people who are facing a changing world.

Richard and Deanie