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Dehydrating has come a long way
since the days of the Inca Indians and the early settlers. But the basics are still the same

How To Dehydrate

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Why Dehydrate?

The best answer to that is the money you save. Drying food is a one time cost.
Canned foods once opened should be used at once or refrigerated. Not so with dried foods.

If you grow a garden as we do your savings is even greater. When you catch sales at the store you can take advantage of them. I caught a sale on bananas at 28 cents a pound they normally cost 59 to 69 cents.

You can create a food supply that is pesticide and chemical free.

If a disaster hits you can still eat.
When back-packing or bugging out you can carry a large supply of food that weighs almost nothing.

Dried fruits and vegetables are high in carbohydrates and fiber while low in fat.

An example of what dehydrating, canning and buying or processing our meat on the hoof saves us some people find hard to believe.

The last beef we bought was very heavy. One half which lasts us a year came out $2.58 per pound for a total cost of $1,400.
The steaks, roasts, brisket, ribs etc are cut to our specifications. The hamburger is 92 - 95% lean. We got 110 pounds of hamburger.

We recently had a wild pig and deer processed rather than do it myself. I had extra spices added to them and 20#s of Kielbasa made. 200 pounds of meat cost $1.50 a pound.

Occasionally we have a sheep processed. The last one we bought for $50. After processing our cost was around $200.

When the fish are spawning we can get 70 to 10 pounds of filets.

Our garden is about 50' x 100' which produces more vegetables than we can eat.

We also have pear, apricot, nectarine and plum trees that produce natural fruits which we dehydrate, can and make jellies, pies breads and cookies.

Total cost in all this is around $2,000 which breaks down to a monthly cost of $167.

So not only can we eat like a king for very little but we also have the fun of fishing and hunting.

What is even better we know we are not getting growth hormones, pesticides, or chemicals which are contained in most store bought foods.