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Solar Cooking

By using the rays of the Sun people around the world are taking advantage of today's
Solar Ovens

Beef Ribs
Chicken - Whole
Cornish Hens

Pumpkin Bread


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Solar cooking is an art which has been used for many years. Not only does it provide a moist meal but also a cheaper meal.

Solar cooking takes approximately the same time to prepare as that done in an oven or grill.

Some of the advantages to it:
If you have to leave and your food is cooking, animals and game will leave it alone from the heat emitting from the glass oven door.
Also if you are cooking in a bug-out survival situation your position won't be given away by the smell of a campfire or food cooking.
In the summer when you want to bake you don't have to heat up your house by using the oven.
Food cooked in a solar oven won't burn.

Dehydrating food works great in a Sun Oven and requires little attention.

The are many solar ovens on the market today which you can buy but we will also in the future will show you how to make one for around $20.