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Survival played a big part of the Pilgrims, Founding Fathers, Early Settlers, and American Indians. Survival is built into humans as well as all living creatures.

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Before going into a survival mode the first thing to do is sit down and decide what kind of survival you are looking at.

Is it staying in your home through a crisis?
Is it having to leave to another location and live off the land in hope things will get better?

Survival is nothing more than learning to live with what your have around you. In order to survive you have to have water, food, heat and a roof over your head. I also recommend a few more items: a supply of toilet paper, tooth past (which can be baking soda), soap (which you can make cheap), some medical supplies, tools not requiring gas or electricity and a gun.

Two different people I know were telling me how they had prepared.
The first one spent $500 on food from a survival website. The problem he had was when he tried it he couldn't eat it. He tried to send it back but they wouldn't take it.
The second said he had over 400 packages of ramen noodles and some water put away. I didn't say a word, just shook my head and walked away.

Everyone who is a true survivalist should have a plan "B". Mine is a place not faraway in the middle of nowhere with water, game, trees, insects and a place to live in. There will be a minimum of three other families with me. The area is great for fishing, hunting and growing a large garden.
Each person will have different chores to do. It is important to study
and understand what different people are good at.
Another thing to look at is everyone around you being able to get
along with each other.

Built into all people is the need for relaxation and entertainment. Survival is hard work, not fun and changing your life style in order to exist.

Excluding medical the largest barriers a person has are the ones they build in their minds.

Through this sight we hope to teach ways to break those barriers. We ask for your help and ideas as well.

America is built on a number of people who have never given up. It may not be fun or easy but we will make it.

The answer to any problem is knowledge.


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