Prairie Fox Survival

Deer Bratwurst
This bratwurst is seasoned with beer, cheese and jalapeno. The only limit as to how you can use it is your own imagination.


Bratwurst goes great with eggs and flapjacks.

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As with all canning sterilize your jars
Heat lids
At required amount of water to your pressure canner and turn on high
Fill hot sterilized jars with bratwurst
Seal immediately and place jars in pressure canner

Put lid on canner securely, wait until you see a steady stream coming out, vent for 8-10 minutes
Check your altitude for required amount of pressure put the required weight on the steam spout.
When the weight begins to jiggle start your timer:
75 minutes for pint jars
90 minutes for quart jars



This must be a Vegitarian

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