Prairie Fox Survival

Canning Strawberries

Easy to can - Only 10 minutes
in a hot water bath.
Makes a great strawberry shortcake or added to homemade ice cream.


Mix jars of strawberries in your snow ice cream for a surprise treat your family will love.

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Can them whole, sliced or quartered.

Put strawberries in large pot.

Add 1/2 to 3/4 cups of sugar for every quart of berries. Let sit on counter for 6 hours or overnight in the refrigerator.

The sugar makes a natural syrup from the berries.

Heat berries until syrup and berries are hot. Don't boil as the berries will get mushy.

Simmer lids 5-10 minutes until rubber seal is soft.

Fill hot, sterilized jars to 1/4 inch from top of jar.

Wipe rims of jars. Place lid and rings on - Don't over tighten.

Put jars in pot of boiling water. Water must be 2 inches above jars.

Process in rapidly boiling water. 10 minutes for pints and 1/2 pints. 15 minutes for quarts.

Remove from water, place on towel and let sit 24 hours.

Strawberries are ready in the spring and can usually be purchased fairly inexpensively.

Not fresh but almost as good. Makes delicious strawberry shortcake year round.

Can up any left over syrup and use on pancakes, in baked goods or mix in with homemade ice cream.