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Canning Wild Hog Sausage

Want a quick meal from omelets to scrambled eggs with pig sausage or even a breakfast burrito.

You can't beat wild pig!



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Wild pigs are considered a predator and can be hunted year round night or day as long as you have a hunting license. When looking for the right pig for butchering or preserving a pig weighing 120 to 200 pounds is best for eating.
The pig we are canning weighed 300 pounds which normally we wouldn't keep, but this one was very clean and lean. The great thing about wild pig is you don't have the steroids, growth hormones or water injections into your hams to create more weight. Although you can hunt them year round it is best to do in the winter because of fleas, ticks and other diseases.


We know everything is bigger in Texas. But bigger isn't always better when it comes to eating. All the pics you see on this page were taken in Texas. I don't know who the young man in the picture is but that is one BIG PIG!
For cooking he wouldn't be worth wasting your time on.