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Dehydrating Cheese 
Cheese is the answer to making many good meals.
If you can't use fresh cheese dehydration may be your best option.


Hoosier Hill Farm has a great variety of products which don't have to be refrigerated when opened. It's great for the person who is short on time.

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Hard cheeses are best for dehydrating

Finely shred cheese

Cut paper towels to fit dehydrator trays and spread cheese

After about an hour check the paper towels for any grease, change towels as necessary throughout dehydrating time.

After 5 hours check for dryness on a regular basis. Cheese is dehydrated when dry to the touch not greasy, cheese pieces easily break and no moisture is visible.

Put dried cheese pieces in blender to make a powder. Seal in an airtight container.

It's great to be able to run down and buy fresh cheese from the store, but if the lights go out it's always nice to have a back-up that doesn't need refrigeration for a period of time.