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I like rice with my Dog Bark

Dehydrating Rice
Rice is used in so many recipes but takes so much time and fuel to cook. By dehydrating it you can have it ready in minutes when on the trail to add to your meal.
Great for a bug-out bag.

Making Bark

A 1/4 cup of dehydrated rice will rehydrate to 3/4 cup.
We just cover the rice with water, and add more water if needed, the longer it sets the fluffier it gets. You can use either cold or warm water. Warm works faster.

The dehydrated rice in the above picture shows white rice without any seasonings. The other bowl is rice with soy sauce added. We added the soy sauce after cooking the rice.

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Seafood Fried Rice
With the exception of a tbls of Olive Oil everything in this recipe is dehydrated.

1/4 cup shrimp
1/4 cup imitation crab
1/4 cup mixed vegetables
2 tbls carrots
2 tbls mushrooms
2 tbls bell pepper
These can all be added together and placed in a pan for re-hydrating. I added 2 cups of water, add more as needed. Rehydrate for up to 30 minutes.

Put 1/4 cup rice in separate container and rehydrate with water to cover, adding more as necessary.

Season to taste. Heat over the fire for 2-3 minutes until all liquid evaporates.

If desired you can put a tbls oil in skillet and sauté.