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Dehydrating Strawberries 
They retain their color well without pre-treating.
Delicious as a snack
or added to your smoothies


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Slice strawberries to desired thickness we do ours 1/4 inch, others cut theirs 1/2 inch. The thicker they are the longer it takes to dehydrate them.

Place on dehydrator trays - Don't stack leave space between them.

We like to turn our strawberries over at about the 3rd or 4th hour. We also rotate our trays. (We have a dinosaur dehydrator)
If your dehydrator has a temperature setting use the heat setting and guidelines that apply to yours.

Strawberry Chips should be pliable an when opened you should not see any moisture.

It takes anywhere from 6 to 10 hours.

Strawberries don't re-hydrate well.

Great added to your grain cereal or oatmeal!

If dehydrated strawberries are to crisp, just put them in your blender until they are powdery, use when making baked good.
Add powder to smoothies or sprinkle on ice cream.