Prairie Fox Survival

Egg Preservation

You can still enjoy the incredible edible egg
after months with no refrigeration



Egg cartons should be turned over every
2 to 3 weeks

By wiping the eggs with mineral oil we have been told they can last up to 6 to 8 months in a cool environment, such as a basement or root cellar.

Check eggs by putting them in cold water if they float or bob they are good.

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After 5 - 1/2 months we tested the eggs again. One thing we found that surprised us was that the yolks didn't hold together and they had to be scrambled. We also hard boiled one of the eggs, the yolk came out mushy but otherwise it was normal. Overall the eggs were still good.



The eggs we use, we buy fresh from a friend.

We've been told that you can use this procedure on store bought eggs. At this time we have not tested it.

People tell us you want to look at the dates and get the freshest eggs you can. When they come from the store the bloom has been washed off which preserves the egg. The mineral oil replaces the bloom.