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 Garden Time

Preparing your garden is essential in order to have a good harvest. Time spent before planting will be fruitful at harvest time.


Vegetable Gardening
Starting Seeds

Gardening Tips


Yukon Gold Potatoes

Cabbage - Onion & Broccoli

Heirloom Columbus Pumpkin


We grow our Spices in pots

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We've added a dump truck of dairy manure, plus cornmeal (this helps keep ants away) to the soil and tilled it in. It's very dry here so we have been watering the garden area to get our moisture content up.

If the weather holds, we'll start planting the end of March to the first of April.

July Garden 2013 - Part 1


July Garden 2013 - Part 2


Quick Irrigation System and
Wind Barrier for Starter Plants

Black Diamond Watermelon
From 20-45 pounds

Pink Banana Squash
This one is 10# Grows up to 30#
Tastes like Butternut Squash
Used to make Pumpkin Pie

Watering in Furrows doesn't burn the plants. We combine 2-3 furrows together.
Water from the uphill side.