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Surviving A Changing Nation
As Nature must adapt to change in order to survive, so must people.

The purpose of Prairie Fox Survival is not to teach people how to live in a dugout or skin and cook a rat but to live in a changing world.

With the unrest we deal with through a struggling economy, inflation causing our buying power to shrink and the possibility of our national debt bankrupting our country many people are taking a hard look at their future.

Not only are young people seeing less chance for a brighter future but older ones are taking a hard look at their future.

As large government is putting more rules and regulations on businesses employers are cutting cost by downsizing inventory, cutting labor or workers hours and having their products made in foreign countries.

People who have accepted that government will support them are going to be let down when they wake up one morning to hear their Food Stamps and government checks can no longer be sent.

What we could see are people panicking because they have no food, water or drugs. If that happens you better have a way to protect what you have. When people can not feed themselves or their family they will stop at nothing to take from others, even to the point of murder.

My fear is not of December 21, Nostradamus, a Mayan Calendar or a nuclear fallout. If that happens have a glass of wine take a look around, then bend over and kiss your butt goodbye. My fear is what the person down the street does when he has no electricity, heat, food and water.

Will he or she endanger my family in order to get what they need? The answer to this is yes. Quit living like there is not tomorrow and start preparing. There are many ways to do this even on a low budget. Our ancestors built this Country without electricity, internet or a monthly government check.

The four things you need in order to survive are water, food, a roof of some kind over your head and heat. There are many ways to obtain these items. Through this website along
with others we hope to show people how. The body can adapt to many changes. Most of the time peoples problems are increased because of the barriers they build in their minds. Knowledge can change that.

We look forward to hearing your views and suggestions. People working together can and will take our Country back. It is a shame to see someone starve when their is food all around them but they can't see it.


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