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Making Bark For Camping or
The art of making bark is learning how to blend and dehydrate different foods, especially starchy ones.
Bark is great as a snack or reconstituted in a meal.


Bark Recipes
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Making bark is easy although a bit time-consuming waiting for the dehydration process.
People ask why go to the trouble of making bark?
The answer is quite simple: You're backpacking in for 4 or 5 days to a favorite fishing hole or stream and weight can become a burden.

By making bark you are reducing your backpack weight by70 to 80%.
For an example we did 10#s of potatoes when turned into bark weigh only 24 ounces.
A 14.75 ounce can of creamed corned turned into just 2 ounces.
3 pounds of pumpkin bark only weighs 6 ounces!

You can see when hiking in or bugging out carrying bark can be very beneficial.

Bark rehydrates well with water and can be used to make some great meals which we will share with you.

Use your bark as a stock that will thicken stews and soups.


A great treat for your dogs.
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