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Roasted Wild Goose

The only expense you're out on this meal is a shotgun shell and some seasoning

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If you shoot your own goose watch out for the buckshot when eating!

Proper cleaning and bleeding the goose is a big part of your final results.

See our video on cleaning a goose.

Goose and Ducks are considered red meats. For best results don't overcook.


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The same principle applies when cooking a goose or a duck. If you are cooking this for a holiday dinner, you would want to pluck the goose leaving the skin on it.
All the skinning does is rid the goose of more fat or grease.

As with any meal the seasoning a person uses is what adapts to their taste.

When the breasts have cooked 40 to 45 minutes and reached 130-140 degrees cut them off and finish cooking the thighs and legs.

Although you hear many horror stories about wild fowl, we've been eating it for years and have never heard or known anyone to get sick from it.