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Snow Ice Cream

A quick inexpensive
 everyone enjoys.

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Do NOT use Yellow Snow if you have pets

If left-overs are put in the freezer using wet snow can cause ice crystals to form giving your dessert an icy texture.

You can add a shot of rum, brandy or vodka to reduce the liquid from crystallizing.


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We just had a blizzard come through with 50 mile an hour winds, causing 3-4 foot snow drifts. The snow was dry and excellent for making a new batch of snow ice cream. We decided to make a blackberry swirl  ice cream. By buying the blackberries it ended up costing us about $3 a gallon. Had we used our canned fruit we got from our trees last year it would have cost about $1.75 a gallon.

Blackberry snow ice cream shown top right.


Snow ice cream has been around for centuries. The ingredients used by many countries are different, but the principles are the same.

The basic ingredients to making a gallon is:
2 eggs if desired
1 cup of sugar
1-3 tbls vanilla extract (many people choose almond extract over vanilla)
Your choice of milk, cream or sweetened condensed milk depending on your taste
Plenty of fresh dry snow

Optional ingredients:
chopped nuts
chocolate chips
Chocolate syrup
crushed peppermints