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Water Rationing In An Emergency

The basics needs of all forms of
life consists of water and food.
Too often we take for granted
the need to conserve water.
If we ever loose it the outcome could be chaos as people
fight to survive


Don't forget to provide water for your pets and livestock.

In extreme emergencies water can be extracted by putting an absorbent cloth on a stick and collecting the morning dew.

Salt water can be made pure by taking a 5 gallon metal container with a lid, poking a hole in the container an inch from the top. Insert a copper or plastic tube, seal around it let the tube run slightly uphill to another canister with a lid. Build a fire under the first container, collect the fresh water in the second container. Salt is heavier than steam and will stay in the first container.


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A person needs 2 liters of water a day to remain healthy. Let's look at one solution to conserve water consumption. There are 3.78 liters in 1 gallon. The following is a list of water usage in gallons 2 people could get by with for one day.

  1. Drinking water.......................1-1/12

  2. Cooking................................1

  3. Dish Washing........................1-1/2

  4. Solar Shower or Sponge Bath....2

  5. 3 Stool Flushes day.................6

  6. Miscellaneous Usage...............1

       Total daily usage for 2 people..13 gallons 

This will be more than enough to keep you alive. But there is so much more you can do with it.

Save the water for reuse from:

  • your shower or sponge bath (2 gallons)

  • dish washing (1-1/2 gallons)

That's 3-1/2 gallons daily or 24-1/2 gallons weekly not counting your misc. water.

Filter that water through a cheap filter system. I will tell you about later. This can be used for washing clothes. When finished filter again to water flower box gardens for fresh vegetables.

If you live in the country dig a hole away from your house.
Place medium sized rocks in it.
Put a 3" PVC pipe sticking up and cover with newspaper or whatever.
Cover hole with dirt around the pipe.
Urinate in it. Best for men but could be used for women.
Keep a clean chamber pot in the house at night. They have been used for many years. Dump it in the pipe. This could save one flushing a day or 2 gallons of water.

If you have 200 gallons of water put up you could last 15-1/2 days. If you conserve your consumption you could survive for 20 to 25 days.

Have water put up.

Consider the number of people in your family and how much water each one will require to exist.
In an emergency drain your hot water heater. That's 40-50 more gallons.
If you have canned vegetables save the water from them. This will also give you protein as well as keep you hydrated when you drink it. You can also us it for cooking.

Collect rain water when you can.
Many people save the water from their roof gutters and divert it to water their yard or garden.

Filtering Water Cheap

  1. Take a 5 to 55 gallon food grade bucket or drum. Drill or punch small holes in the bottom.

  2. Place several layers of cloth on the bottom of the bucket

  3. Fill the pail or drum 1/2 full with sand. You can use dirt but not as effective as sand.

  4. Add more layers of cloth and weigh down with rocks to several inches from the top of container.

  5. To make your filter more efficient you can add activated charcoal on the top. Activated charcoal is ready available from pet stores and is widely used in fish aquariums.

  6. Pour water in container and collect filtered water from the bottom.

 Remember in an emergency water can become your most valuable commodity.  The preparation you make now could be the difference in survival or death.

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